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Timber resources and related economic activity are substantial in the Mid-South states of Tennessee Alabama Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Most of u; are awar~ that timber is an important aspect of our regional economy. We observe many stands of timber and often see it being harvested and transported to shipping points and manuf~cturing facilities. Many, however, do not fully appreoate the absolute size of the Mid-South's forest resources, nor their relative importance to states within the region. The Mid-South forest economy is described in two sections: (1) forest resources in general and (2) timber manufacturing or processing. Value added and employment and wages for Mid-South forest industries are considered in the analysis. These aspects of the forest products industry allow us to compare states within the region, to characterize the Mid-South's position in the national forest economy, and to show the importance of forestry to Mid-South businessmen.


Bullard, S.H., and T.J. Straka. 1985. Business aspects of the Mid-South forest economy. Mid-South Business Journal 5(2):3-6.



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