Rates of return on silvicultural practices

Steven H. Bullard, Stephen F. Austin State University, Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture
Bob L. Karr

Bullard, S.H., and B.L. Karr. 1986. Rates of return on silvicultural practices. In: Proc. South. Weed Sci. Soc. Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, Vol. 39:318-323.


Anticipated rates of return can help landowners and forest managers evaluate hardwood control and many other stand treatments. A simple microcomputer model is discussed which displays rates of return for specific stand treatment conditions. The program can be used before or after taxes and with or without inflation. The model displays rates of return for ranges of silvicul tural treatment costs and expected harvest value increases, thus providing information for evaluating treatments where growth responses or future prices are difficult to estimate.