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Timber harvesting and transport are crucial components of the cost of delivered wood to forest products processing facilities. In fact, harvesting and delivering wood often costs more than the entire costs of growing wood until harvest. As such, timber harvesting research and development are important. Additionally, research in this area is worthwhile because efficiency gains, cost improvements, and environmental benefits due to timber harvesting research can be realized in a very short time period, rather than the decades-long wait required for research investments in timber growing.

This paper provides an overview of the means of measuring the impact of new technology on timber harvesting costs. In recent years, there have been many efforts to increase research for developing better harvesting equipment and methods. In conjunction with these efforts, greater demands have been made for research efficiency and accountability (Silversides et al. 1988); several studies have therefore been completed to measure the impacts of timber harvesting research and development. These studies, other means of evaluating timber harvesting research, and suggestions for future evaluations are discussed.


Cubbage, F.W., B.J. Stokes, and S.H. Bullard. 1988. Impact of new technology on timber harvesting costs: Evaluation methods and literature. In: Proc. Am. Soc. Ag. Engineers Inter. Summer Meeting, Rapid City, SD, Pap. No. 88-5031, 13 p.



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