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The problem of optimal density over time for even-aged, mixed-species stands is formulated as a nonlinear-integer programming problem with numbers of trees cut by species and diameter class as decision variables. The model is formulated using a stand-table projection growth model to predict mixed-speciesg rowth and stand-structureO. ptimal thinning and final harvest age are estimated simultaneously using heuristic random search algorithms. For sample problemsw ith two speciesr, andom searchm ethodsp rovide near-optimalc uttings trategiesw ith very little computer time or memory. Optimal solutions are estimated for problems with eight initial species/diameter class groups, projected for up to three discrete growth periods. Such solution methods merit further study for evaluating complex stand- and forest-level decisions. FOREST Scl. 31:303-315.


Bullard, S.H., H.D. Sherali, and W.D. Klemperer. 1985. Estimating mixed-species thinning and rotation using a random search algorithm. Forest Science 31(2):303-315.



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