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Only limited information has been available to hardwood sawmiller on the performance of their sawing machines. This study analyzes a large database of individual machine studies to provide detailed information on 6 machine types. These machine types were band headrig, circular headrig, band linebar resaw, vertical band splitter resaw, single arbor gang resaw and double arbor gang resaw. Kerf width and within-board, between-board and total sawing variation values are given with an analysis of their origin in individual machine characteristics. Feedworks and setworks type and sawblade thickness and type generally determined machine type performance.


Steele, P.H., M.W. Wade, S.H. Bullard, and P. Araman. 1991. Relative performance of hardwood sawing machines. XIXth Annual Symp., Hardwood Research Council,Mississippi State,MS, pp. 119-133.



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