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The following article on the status of the natural area program in the Southeastern Section (Alabama, Georgia, and Florida) is condensed from a report summarizing the progress of the Section's liaison officer (Laurence C. Walker) to the National Natural Area Committee. Each Section of our Society has such a liaison officer--some Sections have a natural area committee--who conducts the field work for the National Committee. The goal of the Committee, as well as that of cooperating agencies and organizations, is to locate and to have preserved in perpetuity, for purposes of research and education, examples of undisturbed, natural forests representing all the major cover types. The program in the Southeastern Section (and in parts of the Appalachian, Kentucky-Tennessee, and Gulf States Sections) was stimulated by the survey completed in 1960 by F. H. Eyre under a grant from Resources for the Future. This report was published by the Society of American Foresters, and a limited number of copies are still available. It briefly describes 29 tracts that met natural area specifications as well as 47 others which needed further investigation. Progress in the preservation of these tracts is here reported.


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