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Grade I yellow-popular logos were recently selling for $150/mbf, three times the price for grade 2 logs in North Carolina. A computerized stand development model was used to examine the profitability of thinning and holding yellow poplar stands for increased diameter and grade. Analyses were done over wide ranges in stand age, site quality, and stocking, at 5% and 10% discount rates. At a 5% discount rate, the maximum net present stumpage value was obtained by thinning in most regimes. Lower stand age, higher initial stocking, and higher site indices favored thin-clearcut regimes over regimes with no initial thinning. At a 10% discount rate, thinning was optimal only at initial age 30 on the highest quality sites at the highest initial stocking. All other combinations of variables favored clearcutting immediately or with a 1O -year delay. Thinning options with net values within 50% of maximum were numerous at a 5% discount rate in younger stands but decrease rapidly as initial age increased. Only a few such options were available at the 10% discount rate. South. J. Appl. For. 14(3):101-103.


Posted with permission of the Society of American Foresters



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