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Herbicide and fertilizer combinations were tested for enhanced loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) seedling performance on a chemically prepared, flatwoods site in southeastern AR. Fertilizer treatments were selected combinations of 40,50, and 50 pounds per acre of elemental N, P, or K, respectively. Arsenal+Oust (4 ounces+2 ounces per treated acre) was applied for herbaceous weed control (HWC). One treatment of herbicide or herbicide+ fertilizer was applied per year; the same rate was used for years one (1996) and two (1997). After three growing seasons, the greatest seedling volume resulted from two treatments of HWC+NPK fertilizer. Two treatments of HWC alone provided 80 percent and one treatment of HWC achieved 67 percent of the best volume. Of plots receiving year one treatments only, HWC produced the greatest year-three seedling volume. Post-treatment herbaceous biomass was greatest on untreated checks and plots receiving NPK fertilizer.


Yeiser, J. L. 1999. Herbicide and Fertilizer Combinations for Newly Planted Loblolly Pine Seedlings on a Flatwoods Site in Southeastern Arkansas: Year Three Results, pp. 451-454. In: Haywood JD, editor. Proceedings of the 10th biennial southern silvicultural research conference; 1999 Feb 16–18; Shreveport, Louisiana. Asheville (NC): USDA Forest Service, Sourthern Research Station. General Technical Report SRS-30.



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