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Pine plantations on Typic Quartzipsamments in East Texas are difficult to establish. Forest management options following clearcutting are limited. A 12 year regeneration study of the growth and survival of loblolly, Pinus faeda, L. shortleaf, P. echinata Mill., slash, f. elliofii Engelm and longleaf pines P. pa/u&is Mill. was conducted to determine optimum tree species and treatments for reforestation. With successful regeneration also comes insects and pathogens. Impacts of the Nantucket pine tip moth, Rhyacionia frusfrana, (Comstock) and the Texas leaf-cutting ant, Affa texana, (Buckley) will be discussed in the context of droughty site management.


Kulhavy, D. L., W. G. Ross, L. A. Smith and R. R. Cahal III. 1999. Management of droughty site: Typic Quartzipsamments, ecological considerations, pp. 356-358. IN: Haywood, James D.; [Editor] 1999. Proceedings of the tenth biennial southern silvicultural research conference. Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-30. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 632 p.



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