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-Sixty-nine different stands within 15 different previously managed communities were sampled in what is now the Turkey Hill Wilderness of the Angelina National Forest. Within each stand, 0.04 ha plots were randomly located, and the height, diameter, crown class and species of each tree recorded. Soil samples were collected in two locations within each plot, and the soil type confirmed at plot center. Soil samples were analyzed for selected soil chemical and physical properties. Due to the low occurrence (less than 4 times) of some communities, only six community types were analyzed Analysis of the vegetation and soil data using Cluster, Principle Component and Pearson’s Correlation Analyses showed some relationships between vegetation communities, species and the soil properties. This information may be useful toward development of better understanding about plant community relationships.


Farrish, K. W. and B. P. Oswald. 1999. Relationships of Selected Soil Properties and Community Species Composition in Turkey Hill Wilderness Area in East Texas, pp:259-262. IN: Haywood, James D.; [Editor] 1999. Proceedings of the tenth biennial southern silvicultural research conference. Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-30. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 632 p.



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