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Chopper® GEN2™ is a new imazapyr product for use in forestry site preparation. A single treatment (32 ounces of Chopper® GEN2™ per acre) was applied at three timings on three sites (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia) to test the effect of application timing on treatment efficacy. Hardwood control was excellent for all applications. Pine growth varied by site, but all treatments resulted in excellent pine growth. Pine stem volume was 5 to 10 times greater in treated plots as compared to untreated plots.


Ezell, A.W., J.L. Yeiser, D.K. Lauer, H.E. Quicke. 2013. Effect of application timing on efficacy of site preparation treatments using Chopper® GEN 2™. Pages 219-221 in J.M. Guldin, editor, Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference. Hot Springs, AR. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-GTR- 175. Asheville, NC: USDA, Forest Service, Southern Research Station.



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