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Stand-level models were derived to predict crown height or the distance from ground to the first live branch of unthinned planted loblolly (Pinus taeda L.) and slash (Pinus elliottii Eng elm.) pine trees in East Texas. Average height of the tallest trees was the principal predictor in the models. In addition, the influence of number of planted trees per acre, nonplanted basal area and fusiform rust (Cronartium quercuum [Berk.] Miyabe ex Shirai f.sp. fusiforme ) was considered. The models quantify the plantation ages when the butt log and successive lower stem logs are clear of live branches. This information may assist with merchandising the planted pines.


Lee, Y. J. and J. D. Lenhart. 1997. Estimating crown height for unthinned planted pines in East Texas. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 21(3):130-133.

Posted with permission from the Society of American Foresters



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