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This bibliography includes journal articles, published reports, conference proceedings articles, and academic theses and dissertations dated between 1950 and 1995 that concern economic aspects of managing hardwood tree species for timber production in the United States. The articles and reports were identified through keyword searches of computer databases available through the Mississippi State University computer system. Keywords used included individual species names as well as economic terms such as costs, returns, investment, and profit. The specific databases included the 1) USDA Agricultural Library - AGRICOLA CD-ROMs, 2) Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries System, 3) EBSCO Dissertation Abstracts, and 4) the Social Sciences in Forestry Bibliography maintained at the University of Minnesota Library. Additional references were acquired by examining the "literature cited" pages of the articles found through computer search .


Goodson, S.J., and S.H. Bullard. 1997. The economics of hardwood management in theUnited States: 1950-1995, an annotated bibliography. Forest and Wildlife Research Center Bulletin FA-067-1296, Mississippi State, MS, 61 p.



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