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Sales by U.S. "furniture and home furnishings" stores were nearly $75 billion in 1987, the year of the most recent Census of Retail Trade. The sales total includes $26 billion for "furniture" stores, $16 billion for "homefurnishings" stores, $8 billion for "household appliance" stores, and $24 billion for "radio, television, computer, and music" stores.

The 1987 Census of Retail Trade reports sales for the combined category, furniture and home furnishings, for all U.S. states, counties, and metropolitan areas. In this article, therefore, the term "furniture and home furnishings" refers to combined sales for all of the store types in Table 1. Combined figures allow sales and growth to be examined in greater detail.


Bullard, S.H. 1990. The geography of home furnishings sales in the U.S. Furniture World 120(5):28-33.



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