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Master of Forestry (MF)




With an ever increasing demand placed on wood fiber supply by industry, it has become imperative that every feasible means be pursued which will increase the wood fiber production per acre of land on every plantsble site. With this in mind, this study was conducted in an attempt to determine the effect of bedding in intensive site preparation on the total height and survival of two year old loblolly pine (Pinus taeda, L.) seedlings planted on bottomland and upland sites. Forty row (or lineal) plots 100 feet long were established on machine planted areas on bedded and unbedded, bottomland and upland sites. Plot distribution was ten plots on sheared, raked and bedded on both bottomland and upland sites, and ten plots on sheared, raked, and not bedded (control) on the same two sites. At the end of the second growing season, mechanical and chemical analyses were conducted on 280 soil samples extracted by a soil tube. Seedling survival and total height was also determined on each plot at the end of the second growing season. Evaluation of the data by analysis of variance revealed that site did have a significant influence on height and that treatment (bedding) had a significant positive effect (at the 1 percent level) on survival.



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