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Longleaf Ridge Special Area (LRSA) located in the Angelina National Forest is the westernmost example of a longleaf pine savanna community. Ecologically, the area is one of the most diverse communities in Texas. Due to its size, abundant natural and historical resources, numerous outdoor recreation opportunities exist. In this study, GIS was used to develop a forest recreation concept plan on LRSA. Most of the geospatial data came from public entities. Information for demand analysis on forest recreation was obtained from the 2000 National Survey on Recreation and the Environment database. U.S. Forest Service recreation fee envelope data were analyzed to depict existing recreational use. To minimize impacts from recreation development, overlay analysis was executed in GIS to identify limitations. Based on the recreation demand, existing resources, and the limitation composite, a conceptual site design was proposed for recreation use on LRSA.


Dissertation, Stephen F. Austin State University, Arthur Temple College of Forestry & Agriculture, 2002



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