One of the first mentoring steps is to help new faculty members determine how many articles can be published from their dissertations. We contend that any dissertation of seminal importance can produce multiple journal articles. For example, the literature review may be suitable for publication if it is a critique of the literature with major issues raised on the specific topic of interest. If the new faculty member did not conduct a critique of the literature, then that may be a suggestion; and as that is done, references can be updated as well. The dissertation may have resulted in a specific intervention that is worthy of a manuscript. In that manuscript, recommend to the mentee that the researched intervention should be described in detail and could be submitted to a journal related to the intervention. For example, it could have been a mathematics intervention that worked well in a secondary school program. Such a description may be helpful to secondary school administrators and could be shared via a journal supported by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals. Such suggestions from the mentor constitute the beginning of a publication plan for tenure for the new faculty member.



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