Dr. Carl D. Glickman started in education as a Teacher Corps intern in the south. He went on to become a principal and university professor. Over his career, Glickman has won many awards including the faculty career award from the University of Georgia. He has served in a leadership capacity on many university, state, and national organizations focused on improving education. He founded The Georgia League of Professional Schools and has served on the National Commission on Service Learning. Among his accomplishments he has authored numerous books and articles on educational renewal and school leadership (Glickman, 1993). Glickman’s life and career have been concentrated on the democratic and moral imperative of education and educational leadership. He described himself as a progressive constructivist with a focus on the democratization of classrooms and schools (Glickman, 1991). This paper is an overview of Dr. Carl Glickman’s philosophy and vision of democracy and education and how the two are dependent upon each other.



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