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Principal Leadership Supports to Reduce Attrition


principal leadership behaviors, teacher attrition, burnout, job stress factors


Growing student populations, accountability policies, and isolation due to remote learning are impacting teacher retention. The present study used narrative inquiry to explore the beliefs, contexts, and experiences that shape principals’ perceptions of their role in buffering teacher stress, burnout, and attrition. The researcher worked with school leaders to co-develop individual narratives that described their personal experiences in supporting teacher efficacy and retention in an urban district with high rates of attrition. Principals shared common stress factors including workload, discipline, and accountability. Collegial relationships, autonomy, and mentorship were noted as common supports. Principals felt they made an impact by building relationships, developing support systems, and seeking feedback on individual teacher needs. The narratives shed light on how these principals formed perspectives that framed their leadership approach. The results may serve future leaders as they navigate the issue of teacher support and retention.



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