Sentinel 1


Peter Mangan


Creating sculpture is an ongoing process that has allowed me to venture into areas such as: symbolism, color, natural materials, representation, abstraction, functionality and aesthetic beauty. My conceptual approach is to filter my life's experiences into physical objects that strike a chord with others. This is a form of visual communication. Things are left open ended, so that a viewer can bring their own interpretation into play. I believe in the voice of the individual. Much of outstanding culture (music, writing, art) has emerged from one person's unique expression. Given time, the general public can come to appreciate these works. With that in mind, my work strives to be original and fresh. Intuition and chance mixed with forethought and planning can yield an interesting outcome. Glass and metals are my primary media. The transparency of glass and the solidity of metal relate to the fragilities and strengths we all face in life.

galvanized steel, glass, copper, brass 91" x 25" x 19"


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sculpture, installation, exhibition


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