June Woest


My proposed work is a mound of orange bamboo made of approximately 3,000 plastic prescription bottles strung and threaded on 12-gage wire. The individual plants, some as high as 4 feet, can be planted directly into the ground or in wet concrete to hold them more securely. In this work I am thinking about the balance between personal health care and the care of our environment. I am also wondering about the commonplace landscape as an apothecary for the packaging of modern prescription medicine. My work explores patterns, conversations, and connections people have with everyday objects and materials. I have an M.F.A. in Drawing, Painting, and Ceramics from the University of Houston. My installations include public art in collaboration with the Nature Discovery Center and the National Conference on Education for the Ceramic Arts. I am a founding member of Municipal Dirt, a community of independent Houston artists who coordinate temporary site-specific exhibitions in public spaces.

Plastic, 12 gage wire 4' x 20' x 3'


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sculpture, installation, exhibition


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