Pseudo-Religion, White Spaces, and the Knights Party: A Case Study

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This paper explores the dynamics of a Christian Identity church in rural north central Arkansas. The church, associated with a Klan group known as the Knights Party, is led by Christian Identity Minister, Thom Robb. The study includes analyses of the Knights Party Internet Website, observations of church services, two Faith and Freedom Conferences, and interviews with Pastor Robb and various members of his congregation and Klan group over a three year period beginning in December 2011. Findings indicate that within this enclave community, there appear to be weak ties to the outside world which reinforce the group’s marginality and entrenched racist attitudes. By embracing white racial homogeneity and shielding themselves and their families from diversity, members of the sect profiled in this study maintain separate social spaces that are a historical legacy for Boone County Arkansas and the entire north central region of the state.


Dentice, Dianne E. "Pseudo-Religion, White Spaces, and the Knights Party: A Case Study." Geographies of Religions and Belief Systems, 2014, vol. 4, issue 1.



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