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We initiated a mark-recapture study to determine the effects of shrub density on Anolis carolinensis (Green Anole) populations. Green Anole perch site, shrub species, and shrub volume preferences were also examined. We established two study plots of different shrub densities in open pine forests on the Angelina National Forest in eastern Texas. In late spring, the Green Anole population at the higher shrub-density plot was estimated to be 16 times greater than the population at the lower shrub-density plot. Green Anoles most commonly perched on live shrubs, but exhibited very little preference or avoidance of any particular species of live shrub or shrub-level vine. However, shrubs used by Green Anoles were 4–6 times greater in volume than plot averages.


Schaefer, Richard R.; Fleet, Robert R.; Rudolph, D. Craig; Koerth, Nancy E. 2009. Habitat selection by Anolis carolinensis (green anole) in open pine forests in eastern Texas. Southeastern Naturalist 8(Special Issue 2): 63-76.



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