Price Tiers as Antecedents of Event Quality in the Sport Industry

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Price tiers are commonly used in the sport and entertainment industries. Prices for seats are often determined by where the seats for an event are located. Extant literature discusses how consumers evaluate the quality of a good or service, specifically in sport event tourism. In addition, literature has individually assessed how service quality and customer satisfaction influence repurchase intention. However, little is known about how price tiers influence consumers' perception of event quality. We propose under the scope of prospect theory, consumers in different price tiers will evaluate sport venue quality differently. This will then directly influence repurchase intentions when moderated by customer satisfaction. In addition, we present a conceptual model with three hypotheses.


Reese, Jason D., and Michael D. Kerr. "Price tiers as antecedents of event quality in the sport industry." International Journal of Revenue Management 7, no. 2 (2013): 119-137.



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