A Comparison of Methods for Forecasting Intermittent Demand with Increasing or Decreasing Probability of Demand Occurrences (Abstract)

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When forecasting intermittent demand the method derived by Croston (1972) is often cited. Previous research favorably compared Croston's forecasting method for demand with simple exponential smoothing assuming a nonzero demand occurs as a Bernoulli process with a constant probability. In practice, however, the assumption of a constant probability for the occurrence of nonzero demand is often violated. This research investigates Croston's method under violation of the assumption of a constant probability of nonzero demand. In a simulation study, forecasts derived using single exponential smoothing (SES) are compared to forecasts using a modification of Croston's method utilizing double exponential smoothing to forecast the time between nonzero demands assuming a normal distribution for demand size with different standard deviation levels. This methodology may be applicable to forecasting intermittent demand at the beginning or end of a product's life cycle.


Originally published in Advances in Business and Management Forecasting (Advances in Business and Management Forecasting, Volume 5) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.115 – 132

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