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Journal of Executive Education


Currently, there are over 260 EMBA programs worldwide with approximately 180 programs resident in the United States. The number of programs available for EMBA students has increased competition for those students. One characteristic of this increased competition between EMBA programs is the addition of global initiatives to expose students to other cultures. Part of this global initiative has resulted in alliances and the establishment of working relationships between educational institutions. To facilitate and enhance the learning experience while in an EMBA program these alliances should consider the impact culture plays in shaping student expectations. This paper addresses the question of whether or not EMBA students, regardless of country of origin, have similar learning expectations or is there a cultural dimension that would impact their respective expectations? To answer this question a survey was administered to U.S. and Romanian EMBA students. This paper will analyze and describe the results of that survey.


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Capozzoli, Ernest A.; Gundersen, David E.; and Duhaneanu, Marcel (2013) "U.S. and Romanian Executive MBA Students: A Cross-Cultural Comparison," Journal of Executive Education: Vol. 5: Iss. 1, Article 5.



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