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As the Capital of Illinois, Springfield is the home of a wide variety of genealogical collections. Illinois land offered as a bounty for service in the war of 1812 Stimulated early settlement. Farmers from overworked Eastern states migrated to the rich prairies of Illinois. Later immigrants from Europe reached Illinois through lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. Following the Civil War, Illinois became the starting point for many in the westward migration.

Visitors to Springfield can find records left by their ancestors whether they setled in Illinois or used it as a jumping off point to the West. Research Facilities in Springfield help thousands of visitors each year in their quest for their heritage. Many visitors find that Lincoln's hometown was also home to their ancestors.


Illinois State Archives Illinois State Library Illinois State Historical Library Sangamon Valley Collection Family History Center Illinois Regional Archives - Sangamon State University Contributing Editor, R. Philip Reynolds Printed by the authority of the State of Illinois May 1996 - 10M - GA-805 LD A-63.1



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