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It’s recently come to our attention that libraries are struggling with promotion and development of their Institutional Repositories (IRs). More and more colleagues have been contacting us about how we have created and sustained an effective IR program. The SFA Center for Digital Scholarship, only 13 months old, has developed an IR with diverse content incorporating traditional and non-traditional resources combined with multi-media and 3D objects. Achieving this diversity came about through extensive promotion and faculty interaction. This program advancement included customized services, forums, and constant presentation at all levels of the university community. These IR activities have included a focus on student digital humanities classes and projects, as well as faculty eResearch collaborations. The wide variety of content includes open access journals, electronic books, events and conferences, research projects, and art galleries. The entire campus is involved in the IR and attuned to the latest projects. The speakers will describe their strategies for launching the new IR and share the components for ongoing efforts with an IR that is a popular and integral element of university scholarship.


Presented at the 2015 Charleston Library Conference.



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