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A lot of this may seem like basic information that we all know but, Google changes features continually and it is often hard to keep up. When I last counted the Google services listed under More Google and under “Labs” I came up with seventy different products or services with fifty-two of those products being search related. How many of these are we really familiar with let alone their individual operators and capabilities? In their book Google Hacks Bausch, Calishain, Dornfest list hack #1 as being aware of and using the Google directory, #2 is Google Zeitgeist, #4 is the built in spell checker, #5 the Google Phone Book and the list goes on. The point is that just by studying the documentation and tools provided by Google we immediately become expert searchers compared to the vast majority of Internet users. This is where our customers are going.


Reynolds, R. Philip "Finding Quality Resources and Databases with Google Hacks", Electronic Resources and Libraries, Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, Georgia. February 2007

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