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Summer 8-11-2012


PowerPoint Abstract

This presentation elaborates on a 4-day regional disaster and preservation planning workshop held at the R. W. Steen Library May 14-17, 2012. It was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and brought 23 people from 11 different organizations together to learn about disaster and preservation planning from a Northeast Document and Conservation Center consultant. The PowerPoint explains the program director's thinking at all stages of the grant process—conceptualization, implementation and assessment.

Presented at the Society of American Archivist's Annual Meeting "Beyond Borders: San Diego," August 11, 2012. Session 605 - Inside and Out: NEH Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions.

Session Abstract:

There are a multitude of cultural heritage institutions with challenges similar to those at archives. One way for the community of archival, library, museum, and public history professionals to collectively benefit are creative applications of NEH Preservation Assistance Grants. This panel looks at these grants from inside and out with commentary on what the NEH looks for when it evaluates applications, and two case studies from recent grant recipients regarding implementation, results, and assessment.



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