We make a departure from the U.S.’s traditional “science education” in recognition of several stark realities—from the genocidal practices that have eliminated so many indigenous populations in the U.S. to the problems our planet faces, such dire environmental degradation. We are faced daily with a dissonance of knowing our planet needs our respect and care while at the same time bearing witness to “modern” lifestyles based in property rights and individualism. We engage Native science—which encapsulates all of Western science and expands upon it by including the spiritual and emotional realms as well as the physical and mental dimensions of human existence. In this article, we review several academic programs that have successfully incorporated Native science in indigenous communities by integrating concepts of Native science in the curricula. We argue implementation of Native science approaches to education for all should be considered seriously as part of the larger conversations in science education and curricula toward healing a wounded planet and deeper inclusion of multiple voices in determining trajectories of the practice of science.



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