As a Black man living in America, my Christian faith walk began at an early age. Growing up in a suburban environment, I had several encounters with law enforcement that shaped my belief system. These encounters were and still are a stark reminder that Black boys and men are under attack. Policing negatively impacts Black boys and men when compared to other races of people. I realized that I was in their cross hairs and I was almost consumed by the criminal justice system on many occasions. Through the lens of Critical Race Theory, this work focused on the centrality of race and racism in society. As a tool for analysis, CRT provided a foundation for exploring the current climate in which mass incarceration developed and continues to thrive. My work offers four unique experiences with law enforcement officers that illustrate how the door of the pipeline was open to transform me, as a young Black boy, into another statistic. Accordingly, my personal narrative supports considerable research regarding mass incarceration tactics used by law enforcement.



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