Volume 5, Issue 1 (2021) The Tipping Point: A Faith Perspective

The Journal of Faith Education, and Community’s (JFEC) Special Issue entitled, "The Tipping Point: A Faith Perspective," features articles written from a first-person point of view and faith perspective. The articles focus on the authors’ feelings, emotions, and/or experiences surrounding critical and impactful diversity-related events (i.e. the horrific death of George Floyd, protests for equity and the eradication of hate, etc.).



The Tipping Point: A Faith Perspective
Osaro Airen, Lakia M. Scott, Gwendolyn C. Webb, Norvella P. Carter, Patricia Larke, and General C. Johnson

Special Issue Editors

Dr. Osaro E. Airen, Co-Editor
Dr. Lakia M. Scott, Associate Editor
Dr. Gwendolyn C. Webb, Guest Editor
Dr. Norvella P. Carter, Guest Editor
Dr. Patricia J. Larke, Guest Editor
Dr. General C. Johnson, Guest Editor