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The North Texas Municipal Water District is planning to build the Sister Grove Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility on a 932-acre property in New Hope, Collin County, Texas. In total, 372 acres of this property will be impacted. In a cultural resource evaluation dated September 5, 2019, AR Consultants, Inc. recommended the survey of four areas with high potential for encountering prehistoric and historic archaeology, totaling 105 acres. CDM Smith, Inc. contracted with AR Consultants, Inc. to perform the survey under the authority of Texas Antiquities Permit 9182. Fieldwork occurred on December 4-5, 2019 and January 7, 2020. An addendum to Permit 9182 for the survey of a 4.2-mile-long, 96-inch-diameter pipeline that will connect the water facility to an 18.2-acre outfall property on Stiff Creek, surveyed by AR Consultants, Inc. in 2018, was approved in August 2020. On behalf of AR Consultants, Inc., SWCA Environmental Consultants surveyed 3.8 miles of the 120-foot-wide pipeline corridor between September 9-12, 2020. Based on background research, AR Consultants, Inc. predicted that there was potential for encountering prehistoric and historic cultural resources across the survey area. Seven historic archaeological sites (41COL328-330 and 41COL336-339) and four historic isolated objects were recorded during the survey. The sites include large, repeatedly plowed surficial scatters, many of which correspond with mapped structures, and a trash dump. Only five of the 191 shovel tests yielded artifacts. These sites retain little integrity and are not associated with significant persons, events, or architectural styles. The sites do not have the potential to yield new information about past lifeways or environments. Therefore, these sites are recommended as ineligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places or designation as State Antiquities Landmarks. Given the results of this survey, AR Consultants, Inc. recommends that further cultural resource investigations are unnecessary for this survey area and request that the Texas Historical Commission and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers concur with these recommendations. Records associated with this project will be curated with the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University, San Marcos.

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