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In January 2016, Hicks & Company conducted eligibility testing at Site 41TV222 located within Webberville Park, Travis County, Texas. The investigations were conducted on behalf of Travis County under Texas Antiquities Permit #7513 in preparation for the proposed construction of a new maintenance building, an associated paved parking area, new walkways, and park lighting.

The area of potential effects (APE) for the proposed improvements both overlays and is immediately adjacent to the boundaries of Site 41TV222 as depicted on the Texas Historical Commission’s (THC’s) Archeological Sites Atlas. This site was previously determined eligible as a State Antiquities Landmark. Prior to the excavation of test units, Hicks & Company conducted shovel testing across the APE (n=19) to assess the current mapped boundaries of Site 41TV222 and to assist in determinations of the depth, character, and contextual integrity of cultural deposits. Shovel testing was done at intervals spaced 20 meters apart and acquired data were utilized in the placement of two 1- x 1-meter excavated test units conducted to determine if the footprint of the proposed project would adversely affect cultural deposits that contribute to Site 41TV222’s eligibility.

Data from the current investigations indicate that Site 41TV222 contains subsurface deposits within the APE that could contribute to its listing as eligible. These deposits are located south of the current mapped boundaries of the site. Because of this, the current site boundary has been extended. As the investigated APE is larger than planned impacts, Hicks & Company recommended that construction proceed where deposits are largely absent and avoid the area where uninvestigated deposits may yet occur. The THC concurred with this recommendation and Travis County altered their design plan accordingly.

This report serves as partial fulfillment of the requirements for Antiquities Permit #7513 as required under Chapter 26 of the THC’s Rules of Practice and Procedure. In accordance with Antiquities Code of Texas permit requirements, hard copies and digital files of the final report will be submitted to the THC and other recommended libraries and repositories across Texas. Additionally, all project-generated forms, notes, and photographs will be formally curated at the Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) in San Marcos, Texas.

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