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Report Title: Intensive Archaeological Survey of a Portion of the Zena Lateral Pipeline on Texas GLO Lands, Reeves County, Texas

Report Date: December 20, 2019 (Revised January 13, 2020)

Report Number: 19-407

Agency: Texas General Land Office (GLO)

Permit Number: TAC 9174

Project Description: The current survey is a portion of a larger project known as the Zena Lateral Pipeline that is an independent lateral that ties into the Gray Oak Pipeline; only a small portion of this lateral is on Texas General Land Office (GLO) lands, which is the subject of this report. The portion of the Zena Lateral Pipeline under THC jurisdiction consists of a single linear parcel. The Zena Lateral crosses a 638.29-acre parcel (Property ID ; ) owned by the GLO that is currently leased by the Dixie Cattle Company. The portion of the alignment on Texas GLO lands measures 0.75 miles in length and proposed construction will be restricted to a 70 - 120-foot-wide corridor centered on the pipeline centerline. The total survey area for this segment on GLO land, encompassed within a 400-footwide survey corridor, measures approximately 35.44 acres. Fieldwork was completed on November 20, 2019. Jeremy Loven served as the Principal Investigator, conducting the fieldwork with the assistance of Scott Cole and Brody Norton.

The survey resulted in the discovery of one newly identified archaeological site (41RV193) and six isolated occurrences (IOs). The site and IOs are recommended not eligible as a State Antiquities Landmark (SAL) or for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). PaleoWest recommends the project proceeds as planned without additional archaeological investigations, and that this development will result in no adverse effect to historic properties. No artifacts were recovered during the project; paperwork associated with the project will be curated at the Center for Archaeological Research at the University of Texas-San Antonio.

Acres Surveyed: Approximately 35.44 acres

Project Number: 19-464

Project Location: The segment of the pipeline on Texas GLO lands is 12.5 miles southeast of Orla in Reeves County, Texas; the segment begins at US 285 and extends 0.75 miles southwestward roughly along a two-track road.

Unevaluated Properties: 0

NRHP Eligible Properties: 0

NRHP Not Eligible Properties: 1

NRHP Undetermined Properties: 0

NRHP Listed Properties: 0

Isolated Occurrences: 6

Total Project Resources: 7

Recommendations: PaleoWest recommends the single site (41RV193) and the six IOs encountered during the survey are not eligible as a SAL or for the NRHP and the project should proceed with no adverse effects to historic properties. None of the cultural resources identified during the survey exhibit the potential to provide additional significant information concerning the history or prehistory of the area, nor meet any other SAL or NRHP eligibility criteria.

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