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A targeted intensive archeological survey was completed to inventory and evaluate archeological resources within the footprint of proposed improvements and roadway widening to Upland Avenue between 66th Street and 114th Street in the City of Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas.

The total project is approximately 3.0 miles (4.8 kilometers) in length within a 120-foot- (36.6- meter-) wide corridor; typical depth of impacts is expected to be 2 feet (0.6 meters) along the roadway. The archeological area of potential effects (APE) consists of the entire footprint of the project, which covers approximately 60.44 acres and consists of 46.10 acres of existing right of way, 12.23 acres of proposed right of way, and 2.11 acres of proposed easements. The Texas Department of Transportation control section job (CSJ) numbers for this project are 0905-06-095, 0905-06-096, 0905-06-097.

The majority of the acreage within proposed right of way and easements occurs as a thin sliver of land immediately parallel to the existing right-of-way. Approximately 53.24 acres within the APE was excluded from survey due to evidence of extensive disturbance from roadway construction and maintenance, utility installations, and residential/commercial development. Approximately 7.2 acres of proposed right-of-way and easements, or approximately 12 percent of the total area of potential effects, were targeted for survey due to their location adjacent to two known playas, which would have been seasonally attractive to prehistoric populations.

Fieldwork was conducted under the current Texas Antiquities Permit 9159 on December 3, 2019 by Scotty Moore (Principal Investigator) and Adrienne Campbell of Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting, Inc. Eight shovel test units were excavated; no cultural resources were identified on or below the surface of the APE. Historic-age artifacts possibly associated with a structure present on topographic maps of the area from the 1950s were observed approximately 32.8 to 65.6 feet (10 to 20 meters) outside of the APE. Due to a lack of rightof-entry for the parcel containing these artifacts, their extent and disposition were not evaluated or delineated. No artifacts or features were observed in the APE.

No new archeological sites were identified during the survey and no further work is recommended within the project corridor. However, should future project design changes expand the APE to include the historic artifacts mentioned above, further field survey is recommended. Project records will be curated at the Center for Archeological Studies at Texas State University.

The Texas Historical Commission concurred with these recommendations on December 18, 2019.

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