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On August 15 and 16, 2019, Advanced Archaeological Solutions (ADAS) conducted a block survey and linear right-of-way (ROW) surveys of several separate segments of proposed access road, overhead electric transmission line corridor area and a block survey area (33.75 acres) that total 2.44 miles (12,883 linear feet) located near the Town of Fabens, El Paso County, Texas (Figures 1-2).

EPE proposes to construct a new substation on approximately 18.8 acres of University Land (UL) administered by the University of Texas. The project will also include two 150 ft. wide transmission line corridors (approximately 1.64 miles total for both/ 47 acres) and a 75 ft. wide distribution/access road corridor approximately 0.8 miles long (12 acres). Acquisition of the easements from the University of Texas requires an Archaeological Survey of the proposed project boundaries in accordance with Texas Historical Commission (THC) regulations.

No cultural resource sites or isolated cultural occurrences were encountered in the proposed project area. Accordingly, it is recommended that the proposed undertaking will have no effect on prehistoric or historic properties and that the proposed project may proceed without further archeological review. However, in the rare and unusual case that buried cultural materials are encountered, construction should be halted immediately in the location of the discovery. In addition, Advanced Archaeological Solutions and the Texas State Historic Preservation Office should be contacted to determine a proper course of action.

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