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On behalf of Align Midstream Partners (Align), SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA) conducted a cultural resources survey for the proposed Angelina Gas Facility Meter Site project. Align proposes to construct a gas metering system adjacent to an existing pipeline corridor, encompassing a project area of approximately 0.25 acres in total. For the purposes of this report, this 0.25-acre area is considered the direct area of potential effect (APE); however, SWCA anticipates that the actual construction footprint will be a reduced area. The indirect APE included all properties which intersect a 1,300-foot buffer beyond the boundary of the direct APE. During the course of archaeological study, a prehistoric site was identified; Align elected to study an additional 0.25-acre survey area 100 feet south of the original locus in order to avoid impacts to the site.

Investigations were conducted in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) (16 United States Code [USC] 470) and its implementing regulations 36 CFR 800, the Antiquities Code of Texas (9 Texas Administrative Code 191.001-191.174), and the Texas Historical Commission (THC) minimum archaeological survey standards for such projects.

The background literature review revealed that a single cultural resources survey had been conducted within the direct and indirect APE. Only one cultural resource, a Texas Historic Cemetery, has been recorded within 1 mile of the direct APE.

During the archaeological investigation, SWCA identified a single cultural resource (Site 41AG245) within the direct APE. Site 41AG245 consists of four prehistoric artifacts identified within two shovel tests. Artifacts included a partial projectile point and sand-tempered ceramic, both dating to the Late Prehistoric period. As these artifacts were deeply buried and evidence of potential features was identified, SWCA recommends the site as UNDETERMINED for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and recommends further work before eligibility may be determined. As currently designed, Align has elected to move their workspace so that the site area will not be affected. SWCA has recommended that highvisibility fencing be erected in the area to prevent inadvertent impacts to the site.

An historic resources reconnaissance survey was also conducted in order to identify the presence of eligible historic standing structures or properties. No aboveground historic structures or buildings are located within the direct APE. One resource (Resource ID 1) was identified as being of historic age within the indirect APE; however, each is recommended NOT ELIGIBLE for the NRHP as the structure is not exceptional in factors of design, materials, setting, and/or workmanship.

SWCA conducted a non-collection survey; therefore, no cultural materials will be curated. Survey documentation will be held on file at SWCA’s office in Houston.

In accordance with Section 106 of the NHPA 36 CFR 800.4 (b)(1), SWCA has made a reasonable and good faith effort to identify significant cultural resources within the APE. Although NRHP eligibility for site 41AG245 is UNDETERMINED, the site will not be impacted because of Align’s avoidance measures. As such, SWCA recommends no further cultural resources investigation and a finding of NO HISTORIC PROPERTIES AFFECTED per 36 CFR 800.4(d)(1) and further recommends that the project be allowed to proceed.

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