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This report presents the results of archaeological monitoring performed by Raba Kistner Environmental, Inc., on behalf of Atmos Energy Corporation, for the Atmos Grapevine Franklin Optimain Replacement Project. The project consists of the installation of a 2-, 4-, and 6-inch diameter Polyethylene pipe in Tarrant County, Texas. The proposed pipeline will extend for a length of approximate 4,420 feet, within a 25- to 50-foot-wide easement, located on City of Grapevine road right of way within the Grapevine Commercial Historic District and the Original Town Residential Historic District and immediately adjacent areas of downtown Grapevine. Raba Kistner Environmental, Inc., performed archaeological monitoring of trenching, bore pits, tie-in pits, and service connection mechanical excavations during project construction. These excavations were performed to place pipe, provide pits for bore machinery, connect to existing pipelines, located buried utilities, or connect to local commercial and residential users and are referred to herein as Monitored Locations. The archaeological monitoring investigations were conducted in accordance with the Antiquities Code of Texas under Texas Antiquities Permit #7771.

All fieldwork for this project was conducted from 31 January through 16 March 2017 and 28 March 2017. No in situ prehistoric or historic artifacts or cultural or non-cultural features were observed during the monitoring activities. Therefore, Raba Kistner Environmental, Inc., recommends that construction proceed as planned with no further cultural resources investigations for the Atmos Grapevine Franklin Optimain Replacement Project. All field records generated by this project will be curated in accordance with the Texas Archaeology Research Laboratory guidelines.

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