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On behalf of Medallion Midstream, LLC. (Medallion) SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA) conducted an intensive cultural resources survey of the proposed Hunt University 35-19 Pipeline which crosses property owned by University of Texas Lands (University Lands) in Reagan County, Texas. The proposed project will be constructed within Medallion’s easement, totaling approximately 2.40 miles (3.86 kilometers [km]) in Reagan County; however, only 2.36 miles (3.80 km) of the project will be on University Lands. Because portions of the proposed undertaking will occur on land owned by University Lands, a political subdivision of the state, the work was performed in compliance with the Antiquities Code of Texas (ACT) under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 8467. All investigations were conducted in accordance with Texas Historical Commission (THC) and Council of Texas Archeologists standards.

The investigations consisted of a background literature and records review and an intensive cultural resources survey. The work was performed to identify cultural resources within the project area and provide recommendations regarding their significance and management. As part of the background literature and records review, SWCA investigated a 1-mile (1.6-km) radius of the currently proposed project area. The background literature review determined that two previous cultural resources surveys are known to have been conducted within portions of the proposed project area; however, no archaeological sites have been recorded within the project area. Three additional cultural resources surveys, and no known archaeological sites are located within a 1-mile (1.6-km) radius of the project area. The historic map review did not identify any potentially historic-age structures within or immediately adjacent to (within 350 feet [107 meters] of) the current project area; however, a potential historic ranch complex was identified approximately 0.85 mile (1.37 km) east of the southern terminus of the proposed project area.

SWCA archaeologists surveyed the entire 2.40-mile-long (3.86-km-long) project area using intensive shovel test excavations and examination of available exposures. The survey encountered vegetation typical of the Semiarid Edwards Plateau ecoregion, generally consisting of arid-land scrub brush and short grasses, underlain by calcareous soil with a shallow limestone bedrock.

SWCA conducted pedestrian survey, augmented with shovel testing, along the entire length of the 2.40- mile (3.86-km) project area, within a 100-foot (30.5-meter) wide corridor. The THC’s survey standards require a minimum of 16 shovel tests per mile, per 100 feet of corridor width with thorough documentation of all exceptions (e.g., disturbance, slope, and impervious surfaces). Based on these standards, the project area required 39 shovel tests. SWCA excavated a total of 44 shovel tests within the project area, exceeding the THC’s required survey standards. No cultural materials were identified on the ground surface or within any of the shovel tests excavated within the project area.

In accordance with the ACT, SWCA made a reasonable and good faith effort to identify cultural resources within the project area. No archaeological sites were identified that meet the criteria for designation as a State Antiquities Landmark, per 13 Texas Administrative Code 26.12; therefore, SWCA recommends that no additional cultural resources investigations should be warranted within the project area, as currently defined.

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