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On 19 January 2016, Horizon Environmental Services, Inc. (Horizon) conducted an intensive cultural resources survey of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation’s (Anadarko) proposed University Lands 19-7 B 2H Well Pad Project located in south-central Loving County, Texas (Project Area). The development of the Project Area will be privately funded and will not require any federal permitting or coordination. However, it is located on property owned by the University of Texas (UT). As UT is considered to be a political subdivision of the state, the undertaking falls under the regulations of the Antiquities Code of Texas (ACT). At the request of Whitenton Group, Inc. (Whitenton), Horizon conducted the cultural resources survey of the Project Area on behalf of Anadarko in compliance with the ACT. The purpose of the survey was to determine if any archeological sites were located within the Project Area and, if any existed, to determine if the project had the potential to have any adverse impacts on sites considered eligible for formal designation as State Antiquities Landmarks (SALs). The cultural resources survey was conducted under Texas Antiquities Committee (TAC) permit number 8326.

The Project Area consists of: 1) a drill pad measuring 3.4 acres in size; 2) an attached production pad measuring 1.4 acres in size; 3) an attached reserve pit measuring 0.4 acres in size; and 4) an access road totaling 1657.0 feet (505.2 meters [m]) in length and 30.0 feet (9.1 m) wide (1.1 acres). Overall, the Project Area totals approximately 6.3 acres situated entirely on UT Land.

The cultural resources survey of the Project Area resulted in entirely negative findings. No cultural materials were observed on the surface of the Project Area or within any of the 17 excavated shovel tests.

Based on the negative survey results, it is Horizon’s opinion that the construction of the University Lands 19-7 B 2H Well Pad Project will have no adverse effect on significant cultural resources designated as or considered eligible for designation as SALs. Horizon therefore recommends that Anadarko be allowed to proceed with the construction of the proposed well pad project relative to the jurisdiction of the ACT.

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