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Project Title. Intensive Cultural Resources Survey of a 5.46-Mile Segment of the Proposed Orla Residue Gas Pipeline on Texas Public Lands in Reeves County, Texas.

SWCA Project Number. 40216

Project Description. SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA) conducted an intensive cultural resources survey of portions of the proposed Orla Residue Gas Pipeline. The pipeline extends from the Cryo Plant near Orla in Reeves County, through Ward County, to a location approximately 111 km (69 miles) to the south near Coyanosa in Pecos County, Texas. In Reeves County, the proposed pipeline would span approximately 8.79 km (5.46 miles) of lands managed by the Texas General Land Office (referred to as GLO Lands).

Location. GLO Lands in Reeves County, Texas.

Number of Acres Surveyed. In total, 157.87 acres were surveyed for cultural resources within the state of Texas on GLO Lands.

Principal Investigator. Cherie K. Walth

Dates of Work. February 16–18, February 21, February 28–March 2, and April 11, 2017

Purpose of Work. Enterprise is proposing to construct a residue line from the Cryo Plant near Orla in Reeves County to the Waha Hub in Pecos County.

Properties Identified. Four newly recorded sites and 26 isolated finds (IFs) were encountered during the course of the survey.

Eligibility of Properties. SWCA identified four previously undocumented cultural resource sites (41RV111–41RV114) during the course of the survey, all of which are aboriginal lithic scatters. Based on a lack of cultural features and subsurface components, it is the opinion of SWCA that sites 41RV112, 41RV113, and 41RV114 are ineligible for designation as State Antiquities Landmarks (SALs) or for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), as they would not provide new or important data concerning regional prehistory. As such, SWCA recommends no further work at these three sites. Feature 1, located on Private lands within 41RV111, has intact dateable deposits; however the remaining surveyed portion of the site is heavily disturbed and lacks subsurface deposits. While 41RV111 is recommended eligible for the NRHP under Criterion D and the feature should be avoided, the remainder of the site is considered non-contributing to eligibility.

Curation. No artifacts were collected; curation of associated documentation associated with the fieldwork will be completed.

Comments. In accordance with the ACT and Section 106 of the NHPA, SWCA has made a reasonable and good faith effort to identify cultural resources within the investigated project area. Based on the survey findings, the project will have no adverse effect on cultural resources that warrant SAL designation or are listed on, or meet the criteria to be listed on, the NRHP provided that Feature 1 at 41RV111 is avoided. If Feature 1 on 41RV111 is avoided, then SWCA recommends that no further archaeological investigations within the project area are warranted and the project should be allowed to proceed as planned.

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