The Bowles Creek site (41CE475) on Bowles Creek in the Neches River basin in East Texas (Figure 1) is an important and well-preserved Historic Caddo Allen phase habitation site on a low alluvial rise not far north of the current channel of Bowles Creek (Perttula and Stingley 2016, 2017; Perttula et al. 2016). This article summarizes the archaeological findings from the February 2016 excavation of 18 additional shovel tests (ST 40-48 and ST 50-60) at the site, placed between 10-25 m north of the Bowles Creek channel, and excavated in an attempt to clarify the subsurface character and depth of the archaeological deposits in this part of the site given the recovery of ancestral Caddo sherds from 100-140 cm bs in the Bowles Creek cut bank (Perttula and Stingley 2017).

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