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Gus Arnold identified and recorded a number of ancestral Caddo sites during his 1939-1940 WPAsponsored archaeological survey of East Texas (Im 1975). The artifact collections at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin (TARL), especially the ceramic sherd assemblages since Arnold typically collected substantial sherd samples from plowed fields, have been recently documented from 10 sites in the Attoyac, Ayish, and Palo Gaucho bayou basins in San Augustine County (Perttula 2015a, 2016), sherds from the Jonas Short mound site (41SA101) in San Augustine County (Perttula and Walters 2016), and 13 Caddo sites in the Patroon, Palo Gaucho, and Housen bayous in Sabine County (Perttula 2015b). In this article, I continue with the ceramic sherd documentation effort, but I am concerned with the analysis of sherd collections from three Caddo sites in the Bayou La Nana, King Creek, and Bayou Loco drainages in Nacogdoches County, namely Hill Place (41NA5), J. B. Dorsey (41NA6), and Deshazo (41NA13) (Figure 1).

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