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Harris County is planning the Champions Drive Outfall project in the north central part of the county. The proposed outfall will replace existing outfalls in the south bank of Cypress Creek in a piece of land previously developed for the road between the creek and where the pavement ends at the northern terminus of Champions Drive. This area is approximately 100 meters long by 20 meters wide and consists of 0.48 acres. Halff Associates, Inc., which is handling the project’s environmental permitting, and contracted with AR Consultants, Inc. to conduct survey of the project area. AR Consultants, Inc. recommended survey of the outfall area because of the prehistoric potential and numerous sites recorded in the immediate area along Cypress Creek. AR Consultants, Inc. recommended the excavation of a backhoe trench near the creek banks as well as a few shovel tests. Survey was conducted on December 11 and 12, 2017. Four shovel tests and two backhoe trenches were excavated. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if significant cultural resources were present in the proposed project area. No prehistoric cultural resources were identified in or below the surface in the survey area. Materials dating to the mid-20th century were found in the trenches, but this was all out of context construction fill likely from the late 1970s when the existing outfalls and road base was developed. Based on the results of the survey, ARC concludes that further cultural resource investigations for this project are unwarranted, and requests that the THC concur with this recommendation. However, if intact buried cultural materials are discovered during construction, the Archeology Division of the THC should be notified.

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