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Texas Historical Commission


In March of 2017, Turpin and Sons Inc. (TAS) archeologists assessed the cultural resource potential of 9 miles of proposed waterline right-of-way on University Lands in southwest Reagan County, Texas. The right-of-way is 100 ft wide for a total area of effect (APE) of 109.7 acres. The project was sponsored by Sequitur Energy Resources Inc. (Sequitur) and carried out under the authority of Texas Antiquities Permit 7958 issued to Jeff Turpin acting as Principal Investigator. The proposed route extends through University Lands Block 58, Section 24 and Block 9 Sections 3, 4, 12, 14, 21, 22, and 28, crossing Garrison Draw and County Road 113 (Best Lane) north of the abandoned town of Best. The area is highly disturbed from past clearing, leaving little of the original landscape in place. No new evidence of historic or prehistoric occupation or use was observed and no new archeological sites were added to the inventory. The ROW crosses previously recorded site 41RG244, a prehistoric scatter of firecracked rock (FCR), located primarily east of the route. The site area was expanded to 240 NW/SE by 150 NE/SW by the scattered lithic debris and FCR in the new survey corridor. The site is located in an area described by the USDA as oil waste land. Scouring of the surface has widely dispersed artifacts and FCR. The site was originally assessed as failing to meet National Register of Historic Places significance criteria and that judgement is reiterated here. Therefore, 41RG244 poses no impediment to the planned construction. No other cultural material was observed in the rest of the project area so installation of this waterline will not affect significant cultural resources.

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