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On June 23, 2017, Hicks & Company conducted an areal archeological survey of the 9.15-acre area of potential effects for the City of Lakeway’s proposed Justice Center project. In addition to the main building facility, proposed construction includes an extension of Lohmans Spur, parking lots, barrier walls, a private wastewater grinder pump facility, a wastewater force main and water lines, and detention and water quality ponds. Construction of the building and parking lots requires a large portion of the site to be graded. This grading will vary from approximately ten feet of cut on the west side to ten feet of fill on the east side. The extension of Lohmans Spur will require up to 16 feet of fill because it crosses a stream and flood plain. During survey, a total of 25 shovel tests were excavated and segments of two previously recorded archeological sites that are mapped as being partially within the APE, Site 41TV1585 and 41TV1878, were visited. Surficial archeological deposits consisting of debitage, cores, and bifaces associated with Site 41TV1585 were observed; however, the segment of this site within the current project’s APE is not considered eligible for listing as a State Antiquities Landmark according to criteria listed in 13 TAC 26.12 or for listing with the National Register of Historic Places. No cultural materials were noted within the small segment of Site 41TV1878 that is mapped within the current project’s APE. No cultural materials greater than 50-years in age were observed in the remainder of the APE and all shovel tests were sterile for cultural materials. Based on the results of the current survey, it is recommended that no archeological or historic resources [36 CFR 800.16(1)] or SALs (13 TAC 26.12) will be affected by the proposed project. The project is recommended to proceed to construction with no further coordination required for archeological or historical resource related compliance with the Antiquities Code of Texas.

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