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On behalf of Lockwood, Andrews, and Newnam, Inc. (LAN), SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA) conducted an intensive archaeological survey of the proposed 407 McKinney No. 1 to Princeton No. 1 72-inch and 24-inch Pipeline in Collin County, Texas. The proposed 7.6-mile water pipeline will consist of 4,357-feet of new 72-inch-diameter pipeline and 35,843-feet of new 24-inch-diamater pipeline in order to connect an existing 60-inch-diameter pipeline in McKinney, Texas, to an existing connection to the pump station Princeton, Texas. The investigation included an archaeological background literature and records review and an intensive pedestrian survey augmented by shovel tests. As the undertaking will be funded by the City of McKinney and portions of the project are located on city owned property, cultural resources investigations were conducted to satisfy the requirements of the Antiquities Code of Texas under Texas Antiquities Permit 7561.

The background literature review revealed that portions of the project area have been previously surveyed for cultural resources. Within one mile of the project area a total of 11 previous surveys have been conducted, four of which intersect the current proposed project area. Additionally, a total of five previously recorded archaeological sites, 10 properties listed in the NRHP, four cemeteries, two abandoned railroad grades, two historic districts, five historic markers, and approximately 576 potential historic structures were identified within one mile of the proposed project area.

Investigations of the project area involved surface and subsurface investigations of a single transect along the proposed centerline with shovel tests excavated at 100-m intervals in accordance with the Texas Historical Commission’s (THC) standards. Out of 141 proposed shovel test locations, 99 shovel tests were excavated, and 42 proposed shovel test locations were not excavated due to disturbances within the proposed project alignment. In addition to shovel testing, trenching of the Trinity River floodplain was also conducted to test for the presence of buried soil horizons which might contain archaeological sites. Seven negative trenches were excavated north of the Trinity River as part of the survey of the initial proposed right-of-way. An additional six backhoe trenches were excavated in March 2017 because of a reroute across the Trinity River floodplain in this area. The results of these geomorphological investigations are reported in Appendix A. The work conducted was completed across the full length (7.6 miles) of the proposed project area (Appendix B). Shovel test data are presented in Appendix C.

During SWCA’s investigation two archaeological sites, 41COL269 and 41COL270, were identified. Both sites were identified as the remains of historic homesteads. These sites are characterized by surficial deposits that are heavily disturbed, contain sparse assemblages, represent ubiquitous site types, and/or are lacking in formal and temporally diagnostic artifacts. The investigated portions of these resources are recommended NOT ELIGIBLE for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). The NRHP eligibility of the portion of archaeological site 41COL269 that is located outside of the proposed right-of-way remains UNDETERMINED.

One previously recorded site (41COL168) was revisiting during SWCA’s investigation. The site has been completely destroyed by the construction of Airport Road, and SWCA recommends the remaining portion within the project corridor as NOT ELIGIBLE for inclusion in the NRHP.

Based on the results of the investigation, and determined lack of eligibility for sites 41COL269, 41COL270, and 41COL168 within the current project area, it is SWCA’s opinion that the proposed project would result in NO EFFECT ON HISTORIC PROPERTIES. SWCA recommends no further investigations of the investigated project area and that the project be allowed to proceed. No artifacts were collected, thus nothing will be curated except project paperwork and photographs, as per the requirements of the Texas Antiquities Permit 7561.

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