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one Mountain Archaeological Services, Inc. (Lone Mountain) conducted this cultural resource survey for the West Kermit Phase 2 3-D Seismic project proposed by Dawson Geophysical (Dawson). The undertaking consists of a 3-D seismic exploration for petrochemical resources within University lands in Loving, Ward, and Winkler Counties, Texas. Geophones will be laid along receiver lines by crews using ATVs, while vibroseis trucks will travel along source lines. No drilling or grubbing is proposed. University Lands is serving as lead agency.

From July 18 to August 17, 2017, Lone Mountain field supervisor Stephanie Waldo and archaeological technicians Trevor McDermott, Chelsea Winter, Brian Patton, Jeremy Pittman, and Nick Hostetter performed intensive pedestrian survey of 12,170.59 acres under Texas State Permit 8086. This fieldwork was conducted according to guidelines established in Archaeological Survey Standards for Texas, published by the Texas Historical Commission. The survey area is within Ward County, Block 17, Sections A-U69 to 70, Block 18, Sections A-U87 to 88, A-U103 to 104, A-U114 to 115, A-U120, Block 19, A-U123 to 128, Loving County, Block 19, Sections A-U1 to 21, Block 20, A-U28 to 48, Winkler County, Block 17,Sections A-U2 to 5, Block 20, Sections A-U7 to 36, Block 21, Sections A-U41 to 88 on the Soda Lake NE 31103-F3; Soda Lake NW 31103-F4; Soda Lake SE 31103-E3; and Wink South 31103-F2, TX 7.5' USGS Quadrangles.

Twenty-two isolated manifestations, five previously-recorded sites, and 20 newly encountered sites were found within the project area. Two of the previously recorded sites were devoid of cultural materials. The proposed seismic project was redesigned so that all sites would be avoided regardless of eligibility for nomination to the National Register of Historic Properties (NRHP). All vehicle traffic was rerouted to archaeologically surveyed space at least 30 m from the nearest cultural material. The GIS shapefiles for the sites and their reroutes were given to project proponent so that these locations can be programmed into GPS units carried in seismic vehicles. No further treatment is recommended.

Clearance for the undertaking is recommended as no cultural resources will be affected. If buried cultural deposits or other unexpected discoveries are encountered during the project, work should cease immediately, and the Texas State Historic Office should be notified.

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